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The following DevInfo e-learning courses offer a rich multimedia learning experience, with step-by-step presentations of the main features of DevInfo 6.0. Below are four courses – Orientation, User, Database Administration and Application and Use - which explain how you can use DevInfo for informed decision making. Following the courses are some tests you can take to assess your understanding of DevInfo.


The Orientation course introduces the challenges involved in tracking progress on human development worldwide, particularly with respect to the Millennium Development Goals. It explains how the DevInfo database system can serve as a common database platform to support informed decision making and presents the key features of DevInfo 6.0.


Session 1.1 DevInfo - a common database platform to track human development
Session 1.2 Key features of DevInfo 6.0


User Application

The DevInfo 6.0 User application training course explains how to use the main features of DevInfo to search for data and present it through high-impact tables, maps and graphs. It also teaches how to use the DevInfo Gallery as well as additional data presentation and analysis features.


Session 2.1 Getting started and using the Data Wizard
Session 2.2 Searching for data (regular mode)
Session 2.3 Viewing data
Session 2.4 Editing tables
Session 2.5 Editing maps
Session 2.6 Editing graphs
Session 2.7 Using the Gallery
Session 2.8 Preparing reports
Session 2.9 Using di Book and di Video
Session 2.10

Using di Analyzer

Session 2.11 Using additional bottom panel features
Certification Quiz Take a test to become a certified DevInfo User


Database Administration Application

The DevInfo 6.0 Database Administration application training course explains how to create and update your own DevInfo databases. The course also covers additional powerful database management functions and features, including customizing the look and feel of your adaptation, adding local language support and generating useful database reports.


Session 3.1 Database administration overview
Session 3.2 Using the Template module – creating DevInfo templates
Session 3.3 Using the Data Entry module – entering data to create DevInfo databases
Session 3.4 Using the Tools module –importing, exporting and splitting templates and databases, as well as learning other powerful database management tools
Session 3.5 Using the Reports module – generating database reports
Session 3.6 Using the Metadata module – entering metadata
Session 3.7 Using the Mapping module – managing map files, adding feature maps, and creating area groups
Session 3.8 Using the Language module – creating new language files to translate strings
Session 3.9 Using the Customize module – creating a customized DevInfo adaptation interface
Session 3.10 Using the Gallery module – creating online galleries
Session 3.11 Using the Data Exchange module
Session 3.12 Using the EmergencyInfo module
Session 3.13 Using the Standards module
Certification Quiz Take a test to become a certified DevInfo Database Administrator

Application and Use


The Application and Use training courses seek to move beyond technical software training to focus on the practical application and use of DevInfo. These courses cover issues such as how to use DevInfo to advocate for equity by highlighting disparities, and how to use DevInfo to generate new disparity indicators and composite indices to advocate for equity.

Session 4.1 Achieving MDGs with Equity: Identifying disparities in development data
Session 4.2 Advocating for Equity through Disparity Indicators and Composite Indices
Session 4.3 Using DevInfo to Monitor for Equity in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector (developed in collaboration with the Water, Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council)


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